Mad Peaches Med Spa is the elegant destination for sophisticated skin and body treatments in the Denver metro area. Our dedicated, mindful staff are passionate about supporting you in achieving your skincare goals. Providing a holistic approach, using the most advanced, break-through technology and decades of professional experience, the Mad Peaches team helps you gain beautiful results!



Your skin changes, adapts and reacts to environmental, nutritional, hormonal and physical factors. Mad Peaches Med Spa offers solutions for improving, maintaining and keeping your skin in prime condition.


Our advanced facial treatments help you achieve luminous skin. Mad Peaches Med Spa treats acne, scars, rough skin, sun-damaged skin, and genetically predisposed skin issues.


Mad Peaches Med Spa offers advanced, effective and non-invasive treatments for every part of the body, even the intimate areas. A smooth and tightened neck, tummy, arms and legs; removal of unwanted hair and varicose veins; and retexturing skin and removing brown spots are just some of  the amazing results you will experience at Mad Peaches.



Mad Peaches Med Spa, one of only a handful of med spas in the nation, uses a leading edge technology for women’s intimate challenges. This procedure is non-invasive and produces quick results for conditions that plague many women in different life stages.

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Welcome to Mad Peaches! Please explore this video showing the interior of our beautiful Med Spa. Our knowledgeable staff offers some of the most advanced skin & body treatments in the Rocky Mountain region to help you look younger, fresher and flirtier.


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