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Rejuvenation is in style

Everyone is into retro styles, rejuvenation of mid-century modern and retro-fashion. There is also a way to rejuvenate your youthful ‘inner’ style. Yeah…This is a little bit different. Actually…a lot different. Vaginal Rejuvenation Not what you were expecting, huh? This is becoming the secret that everyone wants to know about. There is also another secret […]

The Eye needs Window Dressing!

You’ve heard it say, The Eyes are the window to the soul. But the eyes need window dressing! The eyes have it…But only if the eyebrows are showing them off! Makeup artist’s say they are the most important feature of the face. So why do we neglect them? They’re just there…meh. It’s easy to pay […]

I Never Thought I’d Say This…

I never thought I’d say this… You’ve got a chicken neck, girlfriend! You know what I’m talking about. The saggy skin beneath your chin. I do too! How did that happen? It must have been overnight, because it sure did sneak up on me. I’m so relieved! Relieved??? I’m not crazy. Hear me out… I […]

We are kind of picky!

We are kind of picky… About who treats our clients at Mad Peaches Med Spa.  You deserve the best skin care specialist. It’s why we looked high and low for one. And found (DRUM ROLL PLEASE)…Samantha Montero-Lopez! She’s joined the Mad Peaches Med Spa team and boy, are we glad. I’m not sure which to […]

Beyond Intimacy A new approach to an age-old intimacy issue.

Beyond Intimacy A new approach to an age-old intimacy issue.   When was the last time you were at a cocktail party or out with girlfriends and the subject of female intimacy issues came up? vaginal dryness, less pleasure, and orgasms during sex or incontinence?  Your answer is probably: Never! (okay, maybe with my your […]

Punk those Blackheads! What do these blackheads stand for?

You know what I am talking about- those buggy, little black monsters that pop out on your skin, normally in the T-Zone of the face. You scrub, spray, and pretty much perform any voodoo trick you can think of to be rid of them. But just like a misunderstood punk teenage girl on prom night, […]

Boo_Tox away those scary lines, those grumpy frown lines and even help with a witch’s bumpy chin!

Botox Cosmetic (onabotulinumtoxinA) is like a Little Black Dress (LBD). It is the ubiquitously known injectable solution for wrinkles. Everyone has heard of it! And many are using it with satisfying results. There are other brands that are similar: Disport and Xeomin, which have their place in the treatment of wrinkles, but Botox has remained […]

6 Habits All Healthy Women Share

By: While we love a lively debate about the latest in dietary science or the hot new workout craze, the truth is that great health isn’t so complicated. It all comes down to a few simple rules. Besides exercising, eating fruits and veggies and never smoking (you already knew that, right?), here’s what the […]