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New Collagen Naturally, Bio Stimulators Vs. Fillers

By: Kelly Buckley, Master Injectionist “Because Sculptra makes you build your own collagen, it’s considered a bio stimulator and not a filler. You don’t end up with that stiff wooden look. If you were to use filler in all those places, that’s when people start to look like things don’t move. It’s unnatural. I tell […]

Wash Your Face Like An Aesthetician

By: Amanda When it comes to skin care, washing your face properly is one of the most important things you can do. That way the serums and moisturizers you use can get beyond the surface of the skin to do what they are meant to. (Wearing sunscreen during the day ties for first place as […]

Skin Care is Self Care

By: Kate Kennedy, LME/CLT The medical aesthetics industry is often thought of as being just that: to become aesthetically pleasing. Procedures promising to fix various perceived flaws and the cruel force known as Mother Nature, supplemental perhaps versus necessity. However, as a clinician, I have realized that nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, […]


Written by Kate Kennedy Perhaps you’ve already heard about IPL but keep hearing about the BBL Forever Young. Maybe an overheard conversation at the gym or a comment on Facebook has you wondering if the rumors are true: Does a BBL Forever Young actually make your skin look years younger? Stanford University recently published a […]