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You may suffer from submental fullness – a condition we often refer to as the “double chin.” The chin and upper neck area collect fat that exercise or weight loss may not remedy. It can be incredibly frustrating, with many individuals citing their double chin as a cause of concern in self esteem.



Submental fullness, a medical term for the loose skin around the chin area, can be a result of weight gain or loss, genetics, or aging skin that has lost elasticity.


How we treat it

Kybella Injections

We treat the double chin with Kybella, a new FDA-approved medicine with amazing results for the chin area. A synthetic deoxycholic acid is injected into your chin and destroys fat cells. Deoxycholic is a naturally occurring acid that works to break down dietary fat. Released in 2015, the acclaim and results for the treatment is overwhelming: it really works!

During the treatment, you will receive multiple injections under your chin. The exact number depends on your needs, aesthetic desires, and what you and our specialist have discussed. Once injected, the fat cells do not store or accumulate fat, therefore further treatment is not expected in this area. There may be more than one treatment due to the amount of fat stored in the chin and jowl area.

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