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Vaginal dryness can occur as you age, starting as early as 30. Hormonal changes are the most common cause. Estrogen levels can decrease as you go through child birth, breastfeeding, and eventually menopause, all leading to poor lubrication. Vaginal dryness can lead to discomfort, itching and burning, pain during intercourse, or even a loss of sensation – all damaging to our sexual and emotional health and wellness.


Throughout a woman’s life, estrogen helps maintain the optimal environment of the vaginal walls. Estrogen keeps building and rejuvenating the lining, allowing ample lubrication and ideal conditions for sexual stimulation and comfort. As the estrogen declines its contra-affects are thinning and dryness.

How we treat it

Using this safe and effective method of tightening and rebuilding tissue in the vaginal region will bring increased comfort, confidence and satisfaction. At Mad Peaches Med Spa, one of a select med spas in the nation using Ultra Femme 360™, we provide visible tightening and remodeling. All skin types tolerate the non-surgical procedure. Radio frequency technology is a brief treatment that remodels the vaginal collagen through thermal excitation in the structures of both fibroblasts and subcutaneous skin. The result of the Ultra Femme 360™ treatment is usually greater flexibility and toning of the labia tissues, as well as increased blood flow and tissue stimulation.

The process of rejuvenation induces the vaginal tissue to become more supple and elastic, while restoring natural moisture and lubrication. Women can sometimes notice a difference after their first treatment, although significant improvement is typically seen after multiple sessions with one of our highly skilled clinicians.

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Ally L.

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