I’ve never had a facial.There’s never been a desire or a need, until now. Why?  I started working for Mad Peaches Medical Spa in Cherry Creek, Denver, Colorado. I was recently hired as their marketing specialist. And this medical spa business has opened my eyes to a whole new world regarding skin and skincare. 

I’m the guy who washes his skin with over the counter face wash and occasionally slathers on some moisturizer I bought at CVS. But now I work for a premier spa, and I have to try the goods before I can market the goods! One of my jobs is making videos. We needed a video on facials, so it seemed natural for me to be the client, to experience what a facial is as a novice working for a premier purveyor of facials and skincare. 

What’s kept me from going to a med spa before?  I didn’t even know medical spas were a thing!  I enjoy getting a massage now and then, however I was completely in the dark about what a medical spa is and the different services offered. I had never heard of medical aestheticians, people who are trained and certified in understanding skin histology (yeah, that’s a real thing too!), for treating and caring for  a person’s face and body. 

Mad Peaches  medical spa has so many skin care treatments. You can start with something simple, such as a facial, or you can contour your body, lose the extra fat and sag under your chin, or microneedle your way to smooth, firm skin. 

I’m a ginger haired guy with light skin.  In other words, I burn easily from the sun and my skin is sensitive. I was a bit nervous about how a Fire and Ice Facial would feel. I was told by the staff it was one of the best and most popular, so  I  decided to try it. I really enjoyed my first facial; it was SO relaxing. I did break out a couple of days later. I was told not to worry;  this is common after getting a facial. And in a few days, my face completely cleared up and looked renewed and fresh. 


Are Men Taking Skin Care More Seriously? 

When I first started working here, I didn’t believe many men actually came to med spas. But they do!  More guys care about their appearance and skin, so there’s been an uptick in men as clients. Everyday we see more and more male clients coming in to learn more about different treatment options. I think the stigma around men going to spas is fading very quickly.  


What Are The Benefits Of Getting The Occasional Facial? 

Not only does getting a facial feel relaxing; I also found out it gets rid of the top layer of dead skin( exfoliation) which is what makes your skin look fresh. I would equate the relaxation of a facial to that of a massage.  


Do I Need To Shave Before Getting A Facial?

No, In fact I was told not to shave as I was getting the Fire and Ice Facial and shaving could irritate my skin. I didn’t shave and the fire part of the fire and ice facial was very warm, so I’m glad I didn’t shave. Take my advice, don’t shave on the day of the facial but a day or two before if you like. 


How Long Does A Facial Take? 

A facial takes from thirty minutes up to an hour. Plus, there are optional add ons. Mine took about 40 minutes, however the time flew by as it was so relaxing and sort of a zen experience. 


How Much Does A Fire & Ice Facial cost? 

The Fire and Ice facial is $130. However you receive 20% if it’s your first visit and first treatment with Mad Peaches. It’s a great deal either way. 


What Happened To My Skin After The Facial? 

I was surprised at what happened after the facial, my skin felt very sensitive for a few days. A day or 2 afterwards, my skin broke out which doesn’t happen very often. I was told that this was normal, and it was the bacteria being pushed up from lower layers of my skin. I had the facial done on a Thursday and am writing this on Monday. My skin looks great and feels great. As I am highly sensitive, I had some pink for about 3 days, but it never felt irritating. 


Is A Facial A Good Introductory Treatment If You’ve Never Been To A Med Spa? 

As someone who previously has no experience or knowledge of what happens in a med spa, I was slightly intimidated. Gladly, I found a facial is incredibly relaxing, and it’s a great first introductory treatment for someone who’s unfamiliar to med spa services. 


Does Getting A Facial Help With Your Sinuses?

I have always had sinus problems, I’ve been to countless doctors, and the only thing that’s helped is drinking a lot of water to thin out the mucus. A side benefit is the Fire and Ice Facial completely cleared my sinuses. Even though it wasn’t permanent, it did clear my sinuses for a few days allowing me to breathe properly through my nose and sinuses. 



Overall, I think  having a facial is such a relaxing experience that I’d like to do again. It’s recommended to get at least 4 facials a year, to refresh, invigorate and deep cleanse the skin at the start of every season. I like this recommendation, and I’ll make it my plan. Getting a facial was a great experience and more and more men are accepting that to age well and slow the process down, you also need to take care of your skin and use proactive measures.