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At Mad Peaches, we are a dedicated group of individuals whose passion is making people feel great about the maintenance and improvement of their skin and body care. Each of us is highly-trained in general and specific areas of skincare. We know the science behind skin- how the progress of breakthrough technology provides more options and effectiveness for skin care goals. At Mad Peaches, we create a plan that will meet your unique needs and accomplish your individual goals.
Master Injectionist & Skin Care Expert

Carrilyn has 20+ years of experience helping clients achieve aesthetic goals with natural looking and extraordinary results in the most advanced injectables. Whether you are maintaining or enhancing your beauty or in need of simple botox. Carrilyn has got you covered!

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Carrilyn specializing in injecting and teaching in the field of aesthetic medicine.

She is a graduate of Araphoe College and Total Cosmetology. She has certifications in many advanced aesthetic programs. Carrilyn continued her professional career specializing in injectable aesthetics. She trained with top plastic surgeons and other professionals in the field of aesthetic medicine. Her advance skills and knowledge are now sought by other medical professionals for advisory consultation and loves teaching her trade.

Carrilyn specializes in advanced laser procedures and injectables such as Botox, Radiesse, Juvederm, Versa and many more. Carrilyn’s focus is achieving natural appearing results. With over 22 years practicing aesthetic medicine and over half of these years specializing in cosmetic procedures and skin care, you will feel comfortable and confident in her care and the treatment choice she performs. She has a beautiful look herself and wants everyone to have and look their best with giving them their best in her treatments!

BBL & Body Contouring Specialist

With a long history in health, massage and lasers. Kim will put a program together to help you lose and flush fat or make your best face and skin come forward by her mastering Stanford’s laser protocol in BBL’s. Come and get an InBody measurement to see where and how you can lose weight or experience a DNA skin changing light facial!

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Kim Hackett is a BBL, Body Contouring and Skin Tightening Specialist.

She performs advanced body contouring treatments, as well as Sciton broadband light (BBL) “Forever Young” treatments to smooth and improve facial skin tone and texture. She loves helping her clients look and feel youthful! Kim has ten years of experience providing body treatments to clients, including working as a Massage Therapist and Post Operation Specialist. She completed her training at the Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado and Rocky Mountain Laser College, and is also a certified health and wellness coach.

With her background focusing on internal and external health, Kim is passionate about supporting her clients in reaching their health and aesthetic goals. She works with her patients to obtain and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This lifestyle includes exercise, nutrition, and hydration — the three keys for the best body contouring treatment results.

Charemon 'Charlie'
Laser Specialist & Aesthetic Injector

Charlie passion is guiding her clients, using a natural touch combined with advanced scientific-based treatments, which gives them the feel and look of natural beauty. You can share your intimate aesthetic needs. Charlie will walk you through and make you feel your best.

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Charemon is an advanced Certified Medical Aesthetician and Medical Assistant.

Charemon (or Charlie as we like to call her), our newest Mad Peaches Medical Aesthetician, has been working in the medical aesthetics field for more than 16 years. Originally from Denver, she graduated from Xenon International in 2003. She found her love and passion for skin care while working for multiple prestigious Dermatologists, Gynecologists and Dentists as a medical and dental assistant here in Denver.

Deciding to further her education, Charlie will be attending advanced injectables education. To compliment her education in Botox aesthetics. Her passion is to guide her clients through her mix of medicine and natural aging approach and to make you look and feel naturally beautiful in all areas of your body and face.

Office Manager

Chris believes in Mad Peaches as she has seen dramatic results in our clients confidence and renewed vitality. She enjoys taking care of customers to make your experience enjoyable and comfortable. Call and talk to Chris about your next treatment you would like to book.

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Front Desk Manager

Chris is a Colorado native that graduated from Colorado State University. She has a BS in Fashion Merchandising and has worked in the retail, beauty and sales sector for more than 15 years.  She has worked in spas and salons and has a profound love to the point of obsession for the beauty industry. She is always welcoming and offering a beauty and make tip and a refreshing drink to each and every client.

Chris leads 8 outside receptionists that answer Mad Peaches phones. She has passion to guide her clients through the booking and choice of treatment process when calling her directly. She handles all of the PR and sales calls to put everyone in touch with the proper contact.

Chris has raised three sons. They are all in college and speaks of them fondly and often. She relates to every client with warmth from being a caring mom for 23 years.

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“Mad Peaches has the warmest and the most knowledgable staff in Denver. I always enjoy being around those awesome ladies!”

Roberta T.

“This was my first time doing any kind of enhancement to my body and I can honestly say I’m so incredibly satisfied already! They know exactly what to do based on your face shape. I received Juvederm xc for my lips. The results immediately after are already amazing. I recommend this place 100%.”

Dee H.

“I would recommend Mad Peaches to anyone and everyone. The spa is clean and comfortable with all the latest devices and facial products.”

Sue T.

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