I’m Irish, red hair, fair skin. The recipe for pigmentation disaster! Age spots, freckles, red skin, broken capillaries are all the blessing of a group of people who usually don’t see a lot of sunlight, people who have more rain cover than sun out of the year!

And yet, I am in Colorado- one of the sunniest, brightest places on the map-300 days per year. 

Sun Damage happens much earlier in your life, perhaps the summer you forgot to wear sunscreen on the slopes and fried like a green tomato! Or maybe when you took the boat out on Cherry Creek Reservoir and baked the day away!

Sun Damage goes deep and stays there for many years. Like some covert operation, you don’t see the little brown buggers until one day, in your forties and fifties, they rise to the surface, a spotted army taunting you like coffee stains on a white tablecloth. 

It’s why Broad Band Light Therapy at Mad Peaches Med Spa is my friend. BBL goes in and zaps those spots, removes my Irish redness and erases those tiny veins on my legs and nose. 

It’s a tri-annual event. I go at the end of summer, mid-year, and again in the spring. 

I specifically opt for the Forever Young treatment. The Forever Young has four stages or passes:

Step 1: Base Pass – addresses the overall appearance of the skin

Step 2: corrective vascular pass – addresses any small visible vessels, telangiectasias or flushing

Step 3: corrective pigment pass – corrects pigmented lesions and other pigmentation issues

Step 4: optional SkinTyte pass – provides deep bulk heating to stimulate the tissue at a deep level.

BBL-Forever Young’s therapeutic light therapy actually reverses aging on the skin if used regularly (another reason it’s a triple event for me!).

I just had my arms and decollete done for the first time. Normally it is just my face, neck and hands. The light zaps and feels like a light rubber band snap. Note to those afraid of a little discomfort: The aesthetician numbs your skin slightly, so you really don’t feel it. And she can vary the strength of the light.

I am an all in kinda girl, so I told her to take me up the levels and zap those spots. It took awhile to cover the geography of two arms (outside and inner arms) and my chest, but my amazing aesthetician, Lyndie, did a thorough job. 

You don’t realize how much sun damage you have until only 24 hours later, dark spots start rising and looking like more of a mess than what you thought you had to begin with! That’s okay. You have to be patient with this process. Tiny dark spots begin to slough off on day three and four and five. I use a body brush to help hurry this along. 

I don’t know what my results will look like yet, but I suspect, since this is the first time, I’ll have several visits to eradicate years of sun damage. 

It works though- amazingly. My skin and neck are blemish free! The skin surface looks wonderful and my skin is clear and smooth. I have at least two BBL’s a year on my face, neck and decollete’. 

Best of all, this treatment is very affordable. There really isn’t any downtime (except for a few days of the sloughing off). 

It works well for many skin types. I recently saw a young woman, who was preparing for a special event in her life, come in when I was there for a treatment. You wouldn’t know she had as much sun damage, until I saw her the next day and her face was responding so well to the treatment. I know she must be happy with the results. 

I am of a mature age, and friends and relatives in my age bracket look older only because they are plagued with sun damage. I want so badly to tell them what the solution is, and sometimes I do. It’s such an easy fix! And you are actually helping stimulate skin cells for renewal and rejuvenation. 

There are other methods but not as effective.On the market are light masks-trying to replicate an at home BBL on a much smaller scale, along with bleaching cream, but they really are a waste of time and money. The Sciton BBL is proven, effective and reliable. 

Summer is passing, it’s time to put up the summer clothes, and while you do, call and make an appointment for BBL-Forever Young. 

It’s a gift to your well-being and to your life-long appearance.