Beyond Intimacy

A new approach to an age-old intimacy issue.  

When was the last time you were at a cocktail party or out with girlfriends and the subject of female intimacy issues came up? vaginal dryness, less pleasure, and orgasms during sex or incontinence?  Your answer is probably: Never! (okay, maybe with my your best girlfriend.)

Have you heard of Intimate Rejuvenation?

Intimate what??

Intimate Rejuvenation: the remodeling and tightening of your vaginal canal and surrounding area.

Ultra Femme 360® is a new technology and the only treatment outside of conventional surgery that rebuilds the vaginal lining with a specific radio wave using healing and comfortable heat. This procedure builds up the vaginal walls causing more elasticity, tightening of the wall and pelvic floor which aids in lubrication production, enhanced pleasure during sex, and no more incontinence (usually the result of a weak pelvic area).

Ultra Femme 360® can also reshape the labials, restoring them back to their natural shape.

In the past, the only option for intimate rejuvenation has been through surgery, which includes hospitalization, 1-2 hour surgery with anesthesia or pain blocker and downtime of 4-6 weeks(no exercise and no sex).

Now imagine coming into Mad Peaches Spa on your lunch hour or after work, taking 8 minutes for a session and seeing results in 4-8 short visits? Real results!

Pretty simple choice, right?

So this may not be the topic of conversation you have with your girlfriends. But it is one you can have with our specialists. Simply go to our website at and book a no-cost consultation.

And when you feel and experience the results, guess what topic you’re going to bring up?