Are you looking for ways to enhance the results from non-invasive body sculpting or volume reducing procedures?  ALASTIN Skincare found a solution to a need previously unmet with TransFORM Body Treatment!

The one-of-a-kind TransFORM Body Treatment from ALASTIN is a revolutionary topical body treatment that works in tandem with non-surgical body fat reduction and energy-based body skin tightening procedures, like SculpSure and Exilis, to complement and optimize results.   TransFORM aids in clearing residual broken-down fat debris in the treated area.  When applied post-treatment, it helps to accelerate outcomes by supporting the body’s natural repair processes while also supporting the production of elastin and collagen to enhance procedure results. Additionally, it can be used as a stand-alone skin tightening treatment to address lax, crepey skin texture associated with aging.

Here at Mad Peaches, we are dedicated to providing the best skin care products to boost your post treatment results!  January 2021 special on Exilis Skin Tightening  package of 4 and Sculpture packages of 8 PAC’s include a FREE Alastin TransFORM!  Call us for details 3033-474-4436!