Body care is something needed at every stage of your life. At Mad Peaches we are equipped for the removal of skin tags, laser hair removal, skin tightening and body contouring, and correcting hyperpigmentation on your chest, arms and legs.

Face & Neck

Non-invasive, non-surgical face  & neck treatments are leading the way in tightening areas that sag, scar reduction and elimination, and filling and smoothing the face. 


The science of intimate rejuvenation is now here. What used to be vaginal conditions you had to accept and deal with or take the risk of surgery is now possible  with a specific treatment that get’s results and revives sensation. 

2 Of Our Specials

Circadian Facials

It helps regenerate collagen tissues which helps tighten skin.

20% Off

Price $104 (reg. $130)

Microneedling with HA 

Includes FREE ZO Accelerated Serum (2.7 fl oz)

$135 Off

Price $340 (reg. $475)