Laser Hair Removal: Who’s a Good Candidate?


Having hair on our body is a good thing! Having it in places where it is too much (i.e hairy) or not culturally cool is a hassle to repeatedly shave. Shaving encourages the hair to grow thicker. Different cultures practice various methods of hair removal. For people with hair color on the darker end of the spectrum, laser hair removal is very effective.


Hair grows all over the human body! The methods of removing excessive or unwanted hair range from temporary fixes such as waxing and shaving, to more permanent options such as laser hair removal. Waxing and shaving actually encourage the hair follicle to grow stronger which explains why a person may have to shave or wax more frequently. Laser hair removal destroys the hair follicle.

How we treat it

Laser hair reduction treatments remove unwanted hair anywhere on the body. Using laser energy to disable hair follicles and prevent future hair growth, a safe and effective treatment is used to significantly reduce hair on the face as well as anywhere on the body.

The laser itself is attracted to the melanin within the hair follicle, so darker haired clients tend to see the best results. Generally, we recommend a series of treatments ranging from 6-12 treatments. Some areas may require additional treatments, as well as maintenance treatments for occasional upkeep. For full benefit before a treatment, the hair follicle should be in the anagen phase of growth (shortest hair follicle). Shaving the area to be treated 24 hours prior to appointment aids in this process.

Our hair removal services treat the following areas:

  • Anywhere on face, besides eyebrows
  • Underarms
  • Arms (full or half)
  • Legs (full or half)
  • Bikini area
  • Full Brazilian

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