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Toenail Fungus: Lack of A Dry & Clean Environment 


Treating discolored, brittle, cracked or thickened toenails as a result of toenail fungus is no longer a lengthy and ineffective process. Topical solutions and medications can prove dangerous to your health. Mad Peaches’ safe and effective treatments eliminate the source of the problem, giving you satisfying and pain free results. You can show off your feet!


Nail Fungus, onychomycosis, grows in a warm, dark and moist environment. For some, wearing shoes shoes which are not properly aired and clean may contribute to the growth of fungus. The condition is commonly called athlete’s foot and is generally found between the toes and skin of the feet. Fungus can also affect the nail bed, especially if the nails are exposed continually to moisture. As the fungal growth seeps down into the nail bed, it creates an unhealthy bio-environment resulting in inflammation, tenderness and brittle, hardened and discolored nails.

How we treat it

Laser Therapy

Nail fungus is a form of mold or yeast which can successfully be treated with laser light therapy. Laser energy vaporizes the fungus embedded under the nail bed by gently passing through the nail with high levels of heat without causing damage. The warmth from the laser is felt, but it is a pain free procedure.

Treatment Plan

Nail fungus removal can take several treatments. As the fungus is eradicated, the nail bed grows in healthy. While the treatment is effective, it can take time for the new nail to grow in. In order to gain the most value from the treatment, please observe the following:

  • Replace shoes that are worn often, such as athletic footwear
  • Replace socks
  • Continue to cut nails regularly to remove a space for the fungus to live
  • Wear open-toed sandals or walk barefoot as often as you can; exposure to dry air helps expedite the healing
  • DO NOT dig underneath the nail bed or allow nail technicians to do so. As tempting as it may be, it loosens a place for water. Water is the fungus’ friend
  • File down the top of the nails with a basic nail file, this allows the laser a  deeper penetration to the fungal infected area

At Mad Peaches, we always discuss lifestyle choices alongside your treatment plan. Using an anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory toning mist spray is strongly recommended.

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