Face & Neck Conditions:

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What can start as a small, hormonal blemish on your chin can just as quickly become an all-over breakout.

Age/Brown Spots

Age spots, or “sunspots” are portions of darker pigment on your skin. Due to their darker appearance, these are also commonly known as “brown spots.”

Collagen Stimulation

Along with those intense UV rays and the diminishing of bone density, the loss of collagen causes skin to dull, sag, and thin.

Crepey Skin

Aging, sun exposure, and weight loss (especially extreme weight loss) can lead to lax or “crepey” skin.

Dark Eye Circles

The volume loss under your eye leads to a darker pigmentation, which can be caused not only by aging and sun damage, but lifestyle choices, too.

Double Chin

Excess fat under your neck can be the result of weight gain, genetics, or aging. Sometimes, despite weight loss, your chin fat remains.

Enlarged Pores

Enlarged pores are a common skin concern.

Fine Lines

It’s no secret that our face begins to show its age as we go through the years. Lines can appear before you feel even old enough to have them!


Hyperpigmentation is the production of excess melanin causing dark spots on the skin. Age spots, liver spots, freckles, sun spots and melasma are all types of hyperpigmentation.


Have you noticed the fullness and freshness of your face begin to wane as the years pass?

Lip Lines

Lip lines can be the result of scarring, illness, genetics or most commonly, smoking. Fortunately, it’s a simple fix to get smooth, full lips once again!

Loss Of Facial Volume

As we age, sometimes our cheeks may appear “sunken,” or skin may appear loose and a little saggy as we lose bone bass in the face, or facial muscles begin to atrophy.


Melasma is a discoloration of the face. Sometimes it is referred to as “pregnancy mask” although it may not be related to pregnancy at all.

Peach Fuzz

Annoying fine hair that covers your forehead, cheeks and ears. It is different from other hair and requires extra consideration.


Rosacea can be frustrating and chronic in nature, many feeling though it’s distracting from natural beauty.

Sagging Skin

Excess or sagging skin is caused by aging or weight loss. Non-invasive treatments can remedy sagging skin without surgery. 

Scar Reduction

Scars may be a result of surgery, acne, or accidents. Scars can be reduced and eliminated through non-invasive treatments that give the skin a new, smooth appearance.

Skin Tags

Skin tags are small, flaps of skin that form in areas of the body as we age. They usually are the result of skin or material rubbing, frequently in the same place causing the skin to form this extra skin tissue.

Stretch Marks

Have you noticed that your skin has began to lose its firmness, elasticity and its texture has lost its luster? Stretch marks are so often associated with post-pregnancy bodies, but the truth is they can affect all of us!

Sun Damage

Most likely at some time, over exposure to the sun has happened to us all. Sun damage includes brown spots, acclerated wrinkles, leathery or rough skin. Thankfully, there are several treatments that can rejuvenate the skin!

Thin Lips

Throughout the aging process, it can begin to feel as though your lips are sinking into your mouth and over time, your lips will appear thinner.

Under Eye Bags

Some people notice a slight puffiness or darker pigmentation under their eyes, also commonly referred to as under eye bags.

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