Acne: Hormone Imbalance Creates Havoc on Skin


Acne symptoms can range from mild and sporadic to severe and constant. Most symptoms of acne will involve one to several inflamed blemishes on the face, but they also can occur on the neck, chest and back. Symptoms associated with acne are clogged pores, resulting in white and blackheads, over drying of the skin creating additional overproduction of oil, severe lesions that swell and are painful, and flushed and tender skin in the specific area.


A large contributor to acne is hormones. An imbalance of estrogen or testosterone, or an over production of the androgen hormone in the system can lead to acne. Diet, life stressors, improperly cleansing the face, and blood chemistry also play role in the formation of acne. At Mad Peaches, a professional skin care specialist will prescribe the right treatment and medical grade products for your particular care. Once you have an outbreak of acne, the largest contributor to inflammation and cysts is bacteria. Killing the bacteria is essential to quick healing. 

How we treat it

In today’s science of skincare, there are great solutions for those suffering with acne. Medical grade skincare products, micro-needling and broadband light therapy treatments can alleviate pain and restore the skin to its natural appearance.

Treating acne is a holistic affair. Understanding nutritional science and its effects, including diet, medications and supplements are crucial to the most effective treatment and success. Consulting your particular needs and area of treatments, our skincare specialists will advise and administer the right therapy for you.


Recommended for clogged pores and healing blemishes. SkinMedica also aids in diminishing scarring from past breakouts. Over drying of the skin may disrupt the natural balance of moisture which can cause more breakouts! Our technicians usually recommend a series of 1-3 chemical peels.


A popular service offered at Mad Peaches, micro-needling yields great results in minimizing pores, refining texture of the skin, lightening pigmentation and reducing tissue scarring. 12 tiny needles use pin-point punctures which induce greater collagen growth, resulting in a smoother, more glowing complexion. A series of 3-6 treatments is recommended and is ideal for any skin type.

Acne BBL (broadband light therapy)

Broadband light therapy brings rave reviews and results! Pulses of light on the skin’s top epidermis layer reduces bacteria and lightens pigmentation caused by acne and inflammation. Acne BBL is a perfect solution for treating current acne and breakouts while preventing new acne from forming.

 Exilis Ultra (radio frequency and ultrasound combined)

A new add-on treatment for acne treatment, Exilis Ultra heats the skin to a specific temperature which in turn aids the killing of bacteria and helps heal blemishes. It’s a great supplemental treatment with the Acne BBL and can be used anywhere on the body for treatment of acne on back, chest, etc.

Mad Peaches is the perfect place for all of your skincare needs! I go routinely and have had several different services, but micro needling has become my favorite. Both Jamie and Marjorie are fantastic and I would recommend scheduling with either of them! (View more of our Google Reviews)

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