Dark Eye Circles: Loss of Fat and Skin Pigmentation


Did you know the area around the eyes is the most delicate skin on the body? It’s no surprise, then, this thinner area reveals more conditions going on below the surface, such as dark eye circles. The volume loss of fluid under your eye leads to a darker pigmentation, which can be caused not only by aging and sun damage, but lifestyle choices, too. Smoking, caffeine, alcohol, lack of sleep or hydration, allergies and a poor diet can all contribute to those annoying patches.


There are a variety of reasons dark eye circles or ‘bags’ can appear. As we age, there is a loss of collagen and fat in the face – leading to less volume and a sunken in look. Shadows fall into the areas, darkening the look of the face. Dark under-eye areas may be genetic, or found more prevalent in certain complexions. Allergies and loss of fluid in the orbital area can also be the cause of dark circles.

How we treat it

Dermal Fillers 

If your dark circles are the result of a hollowed look under your eye, you’ve lost some volume and facial fat in the aging process. Dermal fillers are the cornerstone of our skin rejuvenation service. Using hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvederm, Belotero, and Restylane, you’ll be able to restore the soft, youthful looking skin you’ve been missing. Using the “baby drop” method of injecting minimal amounts of filler into the problem area, you’re left with a bruise-free, natural look in minutes!

Broadband Light Therapy

If your dark circles are caused by sagging or thinning skin, a BBL laser treatment will revive collagen production and restore volume, simultaneously remedying the discolored skin. The BBL has multiple wavelengths to address a different issues associated with aging. The hyperpigmentation and freckles are brought to the surface, referred to as coffee grounds or micro crust, which sloughs off in approximately a week. Broken capillaries, facial veins, angiomas and redness are addressed as well. The combination of these leads to a more even and smoother complexion. For collagen, heat is continuously introduced into the skin. This creates a thermal wound which incites a healing response and improvement of texture.

Scarlet RF Microneedling

In the past microneedling around the eye area was not ideally recommended, but with the Scarlet RF, it can be safely adminstered. Microneedling induces collagen and elastin production which can help with bags under the eye.

We suggest that clients stay informed about a proper skin care regimen which supports the treatments they receive. Our staff stays current with the highest quality of medical grade products available and what is right for your skin.

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