Lip Line: Remodeling the Vermillion Border and more…


The vermillion border is the nice defined line around a person’s lip. And when your young, the line is defined, the lips a nice pink and the lip pads are plump.

Then aging, loss of collagen, frequent outbreak of fever sores, smoking or sucking on a straw continually creates lip lines, and these vertical lines are not pretty.


With lip lines appearing around the mouth, the lines may be a result of scarring, pulling repeatedly over a period of time on cigarettes, sun damage and less collagen production around the mouth.

How we treat it

Dermal Fillers

Lip Lines are treated with Volbella, a new filler that is regaled for its natural look. This smooth gel of cross-linked hyaluronic acid allows for the correction of fine lines and creases on the lips. Volbella injectable creates lips which are plumper and smoother.

Slowly and carefully, a vermillion border can also be created, giving you a natural line and look. 

What to Expect

Patients may experience mild swelling or bruising. To minimize the risk of bruising, we suggest going off of fish oil or other non prescription blood thinners for a few days prior to the injection.

Our Certifiec Master Injector has years of experience and can create lips that you wear confidently.  

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