Thin Lips Can Be Remodeled


Pouty lips, saucy lips, red lips. All describe one of the most appealing parts of the face. So it’s perfectly natural to want to keep those rosebud lips appealing!  Collagen is key. It is the protein the body produces abundantly until we climb the first hill of 30 years and onward. Less is produced to support your pretty pout. As it dwindles, so does the plumpness of your lips! Throughout the aging process, your lips are not sinking into your mouth but, they do appear thinner.


Full, pouty lips are very desirable. Whether you’re born with them or not, aging and loss of collagen in the lip area can reduce your gorgeous pout to a pancake! As they thin, the lips take on a slight lengthening of the upper lip which causes the red part of the lip to roll backward a bit, making it less visible. Lips lose their volume and lip lines also contribute to a less than kissable look.

How we treat it

Dermal Fillers

At Mad Peaches, we treat thin lips with Volbella, one of the newest filler’s designed especially for the lip and mouth area. This lip augmentation treatment is designed to plump the lips and reduce the appearance of fine lines around the mouth while giving it a natural look. The dermal filler is injected into the border, then the belly of the lips. It requires minimal treatments (between 1-3 sessions depending on your needs) and lasts for up to a year. Mad Peaches uses Juvederm Ultra and Ultra Plus, the leading supplier of hyaluronic fillers in the US.

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