Under Eye Bags: Dark Shadows and Puffiness 


If you hear more and more, “You look tired.” or “Are you feeling okay?” it may be they are gazing toward your eyes, yet can’t get past the dark shadows or puffiness in the lower eyelid region. Avoid invasive plastic surgery. Mad Peaches Med Spa uses alternative and advance treatments to kick your lower eyelid bags out the door!


Herniation of the orbital fat is a natural aging occurrence where the septum in the eyelids, which help prevent the content in the eye socket from moving forward becomes weak with time and the fat in this area moves forward causing lower eyelid bags.

There are other contributing factors that also cause bags under the eye: Genetics-“you have your Father’s eyes,” may be a reason. Anatomical differences may play a part. Aging brings skin atrophy (where the skin is less elastic), loss of volume and hydration and descent of the mid-face causing a sagging look.

Environmental and nutritional factors also reek havoc: too much sun exposure, allergens, lack of sleep, and diet.

How we treat it


Broadband Light Therapy

Various non-surgical methods are used at our Denver med spa to combat under eye bags. First, fillers such as Sculptura can help replenish the collagen stores in the depressed area. Hyaluronic acid based fillers also bind to water to create a plumping effect, leaving you looking well rested! The Exilis treatment uses radio frequency to move lymphatic tissue in the area and the heat creates collagen. Finally, BBL can help with dark under eye circles by targeting the melanin and small vessels.

Contact Mad Peaches for a consultation. Their knowledge and expertise treating lower eyelid bags will leave you feeling refreshed and satisfied with a no bags look!

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