Vaginal Looseness: A Side Effect of Aging & Childbirth


Age, childbirth, and menopause can all contribute to a loss of muscle tone in private areas. You may have vaginal looseness if you have a hard time feeling stimulated, experience reduced sexual pleasure, or occasionally have trouble with incontinence. Vaginal looseness is a normal side effect of aging, but now treatments are available for non-surgical vaginal tightening.


Reduction in vaginal tightness is a common condition for women in different stages of their lives. It can occur after several childbirths, during or after menopause or part of natural aging. The thinning vaginal wall lining and dryness contribute to challenges and uncomfortableness during sexual intimacy.

How we treat it

To maximize the pleasures of sexual intimacy, it is crucially important to maintain and restore tightness in the vaginal area. At Mad Peaches Denver Med Spa, we treat the cosmetic and functional rejuvenation of the vagina and it’s surrounding areas with advanced non-surgical options for vaginal tightening.

The Ultra Femme 360™ technology provides visible vaginal tightening and remodeling, which is highly desirable for women who have given birth or are otherwise experiencing vaginal looseness. The tightening treatment offers a safe method that is well tolerated by all skin types as well as being non-invasive and comfortable.

Ultra Femme 360™ uses a particular type of radio frequency technology. The operation of the CRT (collagen refill technology) is to stimulate collagen fibers by heat generation. With the use of this technology, the amount of collagen produced is much greater, making the Ultra Femme 360™ treatment the #1 option for firming and tightening vaginas.

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