Acne: Calming, Correcting and Healing the Skin


Acne symptoms can range from mild and sporadic to severe and constant. Most symptoms of acne will involve one to several inflamed blemishes on the face, but they can also occur on the neck, chest and back. Symptoms associated with acne are clogged pores resulting in white and blackheads, over drying of the skin creating additional overproduction of oil, severe lesions that swell and are painful, and flushed and tender skin in the specific area.


A large contributor to acne is hormones. An imbalance of estrogen or testosterone, or an over production of the androgen hormone in the system can lead to acne. Diet, life stressors, improperly cleansing the face, and blood chemistry also play role in the formation of acne. At Mad Peaches, a professional skin care specialist will prescribe the right treatment and medical grade products for your particular care.

How we treat it

In today’s science of skincare there are great solutions for those suffering with acne. Medical grade skincare products, micro-needling and broadband light therapy treatments can alleviate pain and restore the skin to its natural appearance.

Treating acne is a holistic affair. Understanding nutritional science and its effects, including diet, medications and supplements are crucial to the most effective treatment and success. Consulting your particular needs and area of treatments, our skincare specialists will advise and administer the right therapy for you.

Acne BBL (broadband light therapy)

Broadband light therapy brings rave reviews and results! Pulses of light on the skin’s top epidermis layer reduces bacteria and lightens pigmentation caused by acne and inflammation. Acne BBL is a perfect solution for treating current acne and breakouts while preventing new acne from forming.

Chemical Peels

We have a variety of peels that can combat fine lines and wrinkles. As we age, layer upon layer of dead skin is present in the epidermal layer or surface of the skin. Over time, this creates a lackluster appearance in comparison to the glow of youthful skin. Chemical and laser keratolytics are able to effectively remove the layers of dead skin, allowing your natural glow to come through. We offer a no obligation consult with one of our skincare specialists, allowing you to be able to articulate which  treatment is best for your complexion and goals.

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