Lets Talk “Maskne”

Let’s face it; wearing a face mask is our new reality. A reality that has come with lots of unforeseen issues like foggy glasses, and MASKNE. I have some tips on prevention and maintenance, so listen up mask wearers!

1) Wash your reusable masks daily. Have a couple on hand that you can wash and rotate throughout the day.

2) Make sure you are washing your face masks with hot water and a natural laundry detergent that won’t cause skin irritation.

3) Face mask fabric matters! Softer fabrics such as those made with cotton material help balance humidity. Dark places with humidity are a perfect environment for bacteria growth.

4) Wearing a clean mask after you have been sweating or exercising yourself can help keep bacteria off your skin. Sweat bacteria can contribute to maskne if left on the skin. Cotton masks will absorb it off the skin. Remember to replace a sweaty cotton mask with a nice and clean one.

5) Wearing facial makeup can cause more bacteria to accumulate and sit on the skins surface in the mask area. Focus on that eye makeup instead, its your eyes turn to shine!

6) Cleansing the face when you arrive home is a great way to prevent bacteria growth. IS Clinical cleansing complex or Epionce Purifying wash work great, and allows for a deep double cleanse. Leaving the skin clean and moisturized.

7) To help keep the skin clean while not at home, you can freshen, and tone your skin with an Epionce refreshing toner or an IS Clinical copper firming mist during the day.

8) Pre-treat breakout spots before you wear your mask:

9) Get Facials! MAD PEACHES IS Clinical Fire and Ice Facial for example is an infamous and quite intensive treatment that is clinically formulated with some of the purest and best pharmaceutical ingredients. Soothes, nourishes and hydrates the skin. Book before October 1st 2020 and get 20% off any facial! www.madpeachesmedspa.com

10) Use a serum! Serums promote skin healing and reduces breakouts and pore size, not to mention so many other benefits! They can help reduce the formation of scar tissue from acne. IS Clinical active serum is a phenomenal multi-purpose product that we use as a first line treatment approach to treat and protect.

Hope this helps and together we will get through this!

Jamie Helle

Certified Esthetician