You know what I am talking about- those buggy, little black monsters that pop out on your skin, normally in the T-Zone of the face. You scrub, spray, and pretty much perform any voodoo trick you can think of to be rid of them.

But just like a misunderstood punk teenage girl on prom night, you need to know what’s below the surface.

Let’s break it down:

  1. You have millions of hair follicles on your body with a tiny oil gland in each hair follicle. This oil is called sebum. And it’s good to have. It’s what moisturizes your skin.
  2. Dead skin-it happens on a regular basis, growing, shedding, growing.  
  3. Too much is too much- oil secretion may increase due to hormones or over-cleansing the skin which voila’ causes more oil secretion
  4. Black vs. White- a black head is oxidized by the air. A whitehead has skin covering it so it remains white. Both are simply the combination of oil, dead skin, plugged and clogged hair follicle, and oxidation

So how do we get rid of them?  Mad Peaches Med Spa has the ingredients for success!

  • Stop over cleansing and cleanse with the best medical grade products. Mad Peaches carries some very specific and effective products (more on this below)
  • Use Physical sunscreen. This is important! Learn the difference between the pore clogging, chemical skin-baking, found in most stores, sunscreens and Physical sunscreen! Physical sunscreen contains one or both key ingredients- zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. These nanoparticles protect the skin. When the sun hits the skin, these ingredients cause the UV rays to bounce off the face and body. These ingredients are physical barriers. Which means no oxidation=no blackheads.
  • Chemical sunscreen has no effect in blocking the sun’s ray. (psst!! Chemical sunscreen does not have zinc O or titanium D, it’s the bad guy).
  • Come in for treatments that will definitely punk those blackheads (and whiteheads and any other nasty sort of acne). Mad Peaches has the whole gamut from Broadband Light Therapy, Laser peels, Micro-needling, and Collagen Induction Therapy,
  • Stay on top of them. A consistent skin regime and a solid consultation with one of our superb skin care specialists will get you on the right track!

As I promised, a mention of some of the great skincare products Mad Peaches carries:

  • Epionce Lytic Wash
  • ISun Blackhead Solvent-organic and quick overnight degreaser
  • EltaMD Broad Spectrum SPF-44 is a physical sunscreen