Aesthetics is a general term used for treatments related to the skin. There are different treatments primarily for the face, neck, and chest with results that cleanse the surface, slough off dead skin cells, deeply clean pores, and use chemicals that penetrate and work below the surface.

At Mad Peaches, we have many choices: Facials for different skin types, microdermabrasion and dermaplaning that effectively lift the top surface of the skin, and chemical peels that help exfoliate on a deeper level. These Asesthic treatments result in cleaner, clearer, smoother, and softer skin. 

Body Services

Science and technology have come together to make a big impact in bodysculpting and body treatments. If it’s stubborn fat in a particular area, or ridding yourself of unsightly veins or skin growths, or even just needing some firming of the skin, there are solutions. We treat for age spots, hyperpigmentation, broken capillaries and skin conditions, bodycontouring using warmth to permanently melt fat, and another type of radiolight therapy to tighten and firm different body areas.


Injectables have risen not only popularity, but also in effectiveness and treatibility of many skin and body conditions. Used primarily to eliminate deep wrinkles and fine lines around the mouth, forehead, and eyes, neurotoxins are highly effective. They also are used for TMJ, excessive sweating and migraines. For lift, fullness, and correction where collagen has decreased, fillers can give you back what the years have taken, the results lasting for a year or more. 

Intimate Rejuvenation

Up until only recently, to remodel the intimate areas of a woman was done surgically and with risk. Now, there is a safe, easy way to help women retain and regain their youthful vitalty, both internally and externally. Some of the additional benefits is more lubrication and tightening.  

Laser Treatments

Laser treatments are one of the greatest factors in anti-aging. Broad band light therapy, micro-needling, and profractionals are treatments that affect everything from age spots, rosacea, acne, aging, wrinkles, broken capillaries, scars, skin laxity, and resurfacing of the skin. Laser hair removal is effective in unwanted or excessive hair. 


A more innovative method of permanently disrupting fat cells and breaking up stubborn fat without any downtime or bruising is available with Sculpsure treatments. Midriff, belly, hips, arms, and legs can all be treated safely and expertly by our certified aestheticians.