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What it is

Body Contouring is a technique which uses heat and pulses from the Exilis laser in order to make the body more sculpted and slim. It lifts and lessens the look of cellulite while melting unwanted fat on various areas on the body, or even on the face.


How it helps

Body contouring helps those interested in trimming down specific areas of their figure without going under the knife. It can target unwanted fat anywhere on the body or face, and leaves skin with a soft, luminous glow! This treatment is especially effective for post-partum moms in the abdominal area, as well as on thighs and “saddle bags,” but can also be used to tighten skin around your chin or other areas. It can even help tighten skin that has become loose due to weight loss surgery or help with difficult to lose belly fat.

What to expect

Expect no down time! The body contouring treatment is non-invasive. The Exilis laser uses intense heat from a hand piece that will glide along your skin in a circular massaging motion to melt fat. The fat is absorbed by your skin and released through your digestive system. The temperature can be adjusted for your maximum comfort.

You can expect to get contouring down to your desired area about six times for best results. But, the number of treatments may vary, and it may take up to six weeks after your last treatment to see results That is why it’s best to meet with a skilled technician at Mad Peaches. Not only will you get a complementary consultation, but you’ll receive guidance and support on your skin journey. Book a session at our premier Colorado center for non-surgical face and body contouring today!

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