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What it is

At Mad Peaches Denver Med Spa, we treat the cosmetic and functional repair of the vagina and surrounding areas with a non-surgical option. Age, childbirth and menopause can all contribute to a loss of muscle tone, reduced sexual pleasure or occasional urine leaks. Mad Peaches offers the effective 8-minute Ultra Femme 360™ treatment to non-surgically tighten the vagina. Mad Peaches Med Spa is one of the few med spa’s in the country providing this service, treating intimate health issues.

How it helps

The Ultra Femme 360™ uses radio frequency, which has proven safe for vaginal tissue repair and tightening. BTL Ultra Femme 360™ offers the shortest radio frequency treatment time available for women’s intimate health and wellness procedures. Utilizing volumetric heating and a groundbreaking system with integrated technology intelligence, the treatment ensures the most effective and uniform tissue heating, allowing treatment at high energy levels without compromising patient comfort. True to Mad Peaches’ philosophy, this treatment is also non-invasive and requires no downtime.

What to expect

Our feminine rejuvenation procedure is quick, easy to tolerate and has virtually no downtime. The new Ultra Femme 360™ technology provides visible vaginal tightening and remodeling, which is highly desirable for women who have given birth or are otherwise suffering from vaginal atrophy. The tightening treatment offers a safe method that is very well tolerated by all skin types, as well as being non-invasive and comfortable. We can discuss the specifics with you when you schedule a complimentary consultation!

“A number of clinical trials have been conducted with the new technology, and so far they’ve shown excellent results in the treatment of stress urinary incontinence as well as improvement in vaginal laxity and sexual satisfaction.”

Tomas Boleslavsky, BTL Clinical Director

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