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What it is

Dysport, also spelled Disport corrects the signs of aging using a muscle relaxing technique by injecting liquids into the skin. Dysport, an injectable form of botulinum toxin Type A,  also found in the Botox injectable filler safely relaxes wrinkles and fine lines associated with the skin’s natural changes as we age.


How it helps

Wrinkles and fine lines disappear at the injection sight immediately, leaving you with a fresh, young face.

What to expect

Expect some redness at first, but noticeable results right away. The treatment lasts about 10 minutes and results are long lasting. To determine if you’re a good candidate for Disport, make an appointment at Mad Peaches. A skin professional will be happy to give you a complimentary consultation before booking an appointment for you!

“The place is beautifully done and has fair prices, Dawnyel (the owner) makes sure that your taken care of and has such a knowledgeable staff. This is such a great med spa!”

Missy K.

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