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What it is

Radiesse is a wrinkle filler that is used to plump up crinkled and depleted areas on the face-especially around the eyes. It helps stimulate your collagen production, waking it up and making it active again; resulting in younger looking, smoother skin.


How it helps

You can use Radiesse to smooth wrinkles in the face and on the hands. It provides lift and makes each targeted area appear more firm and full.

What to expect

Expect results to be immediate and long lasting. Those who use Radiesse experience some slight pain and redness at the injection site. Numbing agents are available prior to use. If you are interested in looking younger and having wrinkle free skin, contact Mad Peaches today. Our top Denver skin professionals will give you a complimentary consultation to help you develop a skin plan that best meets your needs and expectations. Book a session today!

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