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What it is

Skinmedica is a line of products rooted in science. Its products are designed to work harmoniously to cleanse, protect, moisturize, treat, brighten, and protect all aspects of your skin. Skinmedica has a unique product-TNS Essential Serum and TNS Recovery Complex.



How it helps

TNS Essential Serum® offers an unprecedented combination of the renowned growth factor formula, TNS Recovery Complex® in one chamber and APS Corrective Complex in the other.

Both these products have won recognition for combining the benefits of a patented growth factor with potent antioxidants, peptides and other speciality ingredients.

What to expect

TNS Essential Serum and TNS Recovery Complex.What’s inside and why is it so great?

This innovative breakthrough builds and supports the corrective balance, against the aging of skin and building of new, fresh skin.

Human Fibroblast Conditioned Media (TNS®)-A physiologically balanced, naturally secreted and stabilized growth factor blend that helps improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, skin tone and texture.

Chamber 2: APS Corrective Complex

Peptides help support skin and antioxidants that help prevent free radical damage:

Ubiquinone (Coenzyme Q10)-An antioxidant that helps to counteract free radical damage and works synergistically with vitamin E.

Camellia Oleifera (Green Tea) Leaf Extract-A natural antioxidant rich in polyphenols.

A skin care consultant at Mad Peaches will be happy to walk you through the steps, choosing products that will most benefit your skin tone and texture. The complimentary consultation will allow you to better understand your skin needs and select products that will instantly address them.

“They truly took the time to care for my allergy needs and made sure I Had the best of care. I’d recommend them the are awesome!!!”

Harlene T.

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