Sculpsure: Permanently Reduce Stubborn Fat Without Surgery


What Is It?

  • Sculpsure is a heat directed treatment that kills fat cells in specific areas, thereby eliminating them naturally and permanently through the body.

How It Helps?

  • This specialized machine administers heat and disrupts fat cells. This treatment is normally done over three visits. It helps reduce fat, especially the fat that is difficult to get rid of, fat deposits that may have been on the body for a long time

What is the Result?

  • This treatment is ideal for stubborn fat pockets or deposits that exercise or dieting cannot budge*
  • Target areas include: Submental fat beneath the chin, belly and love handles in the midriff area, arms, and thighs


Sculpsure is a body contouring treatment that has no downtime. Unlike other types of body contouring, there is no bruising. Gradual heating allows the process to be comfortable with effective results.

*Individual results may vary. See the Sculpsure by Cynosure website for additional details.