By: Kate Kennedy, LME/CLT

The medical aesthetics industry is often thought of as being just that: to become aesthetically pleasing. Procedures promising to fix various perceived flaws and the cruel force known as Mother Nature, supplemental perhaps versus necessity. However, as a clinician, I have realized that nothing could be further from the truth.

Yes, these procedures do what they promise to do, but it is self care and the changes that arise from that which make it not supplemental or solely physical, but a change in our very psyche. A blossoming in ourselves as we take the time to take care of ourself, the health of our skin and our confidence as we face the world.

As a clinician, I get to know my clients and am blessed with learning from them just as they learn skin care from me. One particular client has resonated with me on the topic of self care. A young woman came into our office one day. She was shy, her self confidence was not where she deserved for it to be. The young woman explained that her acne scars and breakouts were the source. She had gotten her aesthetics license years ago, but felt she could not possibly work in the industry with her acne scars the way that they were.

Finally ready for a change, she began her self care: fixing her scars. As her treatments progressed, her scars faded not only physically but psychologically as this young woman was able to gain confidence and feel as beautiful as she is. With this new found confidence, she embarked on her own aesthetics career.

Now, I could certainly discuss the science and new developments in aesthetics all day long. Procedures that reverse DNA damage in our skin, preventative measures, lasers that revitalize collagen and youth, injectables that smooth wrinkles and plump whatever it is that one wants plumped. Ultimately though, all of these procedures amount to this: self care. Investing in oneself and taking the time to care for one’s self.

In the day and age where time is money and we are inundated with responsibilities from family to work to social obligations, self care can be perceived as supplemental or vain. The reality is the better that we take care of ourselves, the better that we are at everything else.

As we begin 2017 and resolutions abound, I challenge everyone to take the time for self care. Whether that means aesthetic procedures or finally getting that yoga pose right. Take the time to be your best self. An investment in oneself, in caring for oneself, is a decision that no one will regret.