Skin Tightening, fact or fiction?

Exilis is safe and effective for Skin Tightening and Fat Reduction!

Ever growing demand for safe and effective devices for noninvasive body skin tightening and reduction in fat has dramatically risen over the last decade. Various modalities have been developed to target subcutaneous tissue as well as deeper layers of adipocytes. These primarily include ultrasound, radio frequency (RF), and various cooling and light-based devices.  BTL Exilis Ultra is our answer at Mad Peaches.

Radio frequency has been used in medicine for many years to ablate tissue. Oscillating electrical current is created by the RF, which induces collisions between charged ions and molecules in the tissue, resulting in generation of heat.

The biological effects of tissue heating vary, depending on the frequency used, depth of delivery, and selectivity achieved with skin cooling. Radio frequency can also be used to heat and destroy fat.

Ultrasound utilizes mechanical compression or sound waves above the audible range and is characterized by its frequency and intensity. Waves propagate through the tissue causing molecules to oscillate. This mechanical effect can translate into heat in a similar way to RF.

The appearance of the face and neck is profoundly affected during the aging process. There is decreased tissue elasticity coupled with changes in facial volume, that is, compounded by the effects of gravity. RF treatment of skin produces temporary shrinkage of collagen fibers and stimulates new collagen and elastin production. The amount of tissue contraction and remodeling is dependent upon the maximum temperature reached, the length of time the temperature is maintained, and the conductivity and age of the tissue. RF mediated thermal stimulation of the dermal matrix comprised of collagen, elastin, and ground substances results in an immediate change in the helical structure of the collagen.

Patient Satisfaction

Results obtained from patient questionnaire showed overall satisfaction with the therapy course and results. In general, our patients agreed  that they are satisfied with the therapy, agreed that the treatment is comfortable and that they are satisfied with overall treatment time.


Several clients reported side effects including temporary skin redness and/or mild swelling, which resolved within 1-2 hours after the treatment.

Make an appointment and let one of our Body Contouring specialist see what Exilis treatments can do for you.  Skin Tightening can be our little secret to get you summer ready!  Call for a consultation. It’s complimentary!