Thinking About Getting a Chemical Peel?

If you are thinking about getting a medical grade chemical peel, you have come to the right place.  It is fall in Colorado, and we at Mad Peaches Medical Spa have officially entered into chemical peel season! Read below to learn the benefits to a medical grade chemical peel, and some amazing incentives Mad Peaches is offering:

Medical grade chemical peels are an amazing option for individuals who are looking to reverse sun damage or other minor or major imperfections in their skin. These chemical peels allow you to remove dead skin cells and address fine lines, hyperpigmentation and unwanted freckles in a safe and effective way. They are extremely controlled treatments that are performed in the comfort of our office.

Not all medical grade chemical peel are the same. They come in different strength levels and are designed to accomplish different goals. Most chemical peels are performed as an outpatient procedure, allowing you to go home immediately after the treatment is complete. They are designed to make your face look brighter, tighter and younger.

The level or grade of medical chemical peel that you use will vary depending on the color of your skin, the texture of your skin, how elastic your skin is and the condition you want to treat. Peels come in the form of very superficial, superficial, medium and deep.

The medical grade chemical peels, like the SkinMedica Rejuvenize peel we offer at Mad Peaches Med Spa are safe and effective. During a consultation at our office in Cherry Creek, you can learn about the different types of peels we have available, as well as which peel is right for you. 

For a limited time, Mad Peaches is offering a “Flash Friday Chemical Peel” service which includes four SkinMedica Rejuvenize peels, paired with four dermaplane facials in-between peels. This winning combination is medically designed to bring you the maximum results you are looking for.

(Book today for 20% off (a $1100 value for only $880).

You can also learn about some of our other treatments, such as SculpSure®, laser hair removal, laser resurfacing and BBL. Contact us today to schedule a or call 303-474-4436