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As we age, everything loosens. From our skin to our muscles to our most discreet places. A loss of control in the vaginal area can be an affect of aging, but it’s one that can lead to embarrassing situations. Maybe it’s when you were laughing too hard with your friends, coughing from that nasty cold, or even just a sneeze – but whatever it is, you’re suddenly experiencing stress incontinence.


Stress urinary incontinence can be a persistent condition. It occurs when the bladder involuntarily contracts, leading to minor leakage. Urinary tract infections (UTIs) and constipation may contribute to this condition. Childbirth and menopause also increases the chance of incontinence. The vaginal muscles are damaged and weakened, resulting in the inability to control the bladder satisfactorily. As you age, your estrogen levels drop, and the vaginal walls weaken, aggravating incontinence.

How we treat it

The new Ultra Femme 360™ treatment provides visible vaginal tightening and remodeling and is tolerated by all skin types. Using radio frequency technology, the treatment remodels the vaginal collagen through thermal excitation in the structures of both fibroblasts and subcutaneous skin, leading to a greater flexibility and toning of the labia tissues. The treatment helps combat urinary incontinence, increases blood flow and stimulates tissue, which enhances long-term sexual satisfaction.

The use of radio frequency is proven safe and very effective with no down time for clients. We are proud to be the first Denver med spa to use the Ultra Femme 360™, the #1 non-surgical option for a firmer, tighter, more supple looking vagina and the opportunity to help stop urinary incontinence.

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