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Over time skin loses its elasticity and firmness. The term crepey skin describes its appearance: thinner, looser skin, found largely on the legs, arms and neck area.


Aging, sun exposure, and weight loss (especially extreme weight loss) can lead to lax or “crepey” skin.

How we treat it

Exilis Ultra

Exilis Ultra skin tightening is the most effective treatment for crepey skin. The radio frequency and ultrasound energy heats the skin beneath the surface stimulating new collagen production.

What to expect

A series of four to six treatments is recommended. For the best results, treatments are seven to fourteen days apart with a maintenance program to follow. Most clients see some result after the first treatment. The procedure is comfortable and involves heating of the skin below 42 degrees celsius. The body contouring specialist uses radio frequency heat which tightens the skin. Demonstrating the difference in skin elasticity, the body contour specialist shows the client the treated side compared to a similar untreated side.

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