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Has your skin begun to lose its firmness? Is there sagging in places where all good efforts in exercising don’t seem to be paying off?  These areas of your body need additional attention as the skin loses its vitality due to decreased collagen.


Generally skin loses collagen as we age which causes skin to sag. Sagging skin may also happen after weight loss, childbirth or due to genetics. If you are feeling frustrated and ready to see the amazing results you desire, Exilis Ultra treatment is the solution.

How we treat it

Using radio frequency energy combined with ultrasound waves, the Exilis Ultra is an incredible body contouring device for non-invasive, zero downtime treatments. The treatment results in tighter skin and a more contoured body.

Exilis Ultra achieves a more aggressive effect than previous use of radio frequencies alone. The higher energy harnesses the body’s natural healing response to restore cell and tissue regeneration, improving the skin laxity and texture. It’s why we are seeing amazing results not only on larger body areas but also around the eyes, lips, jowls and neck.

Exilis Ultra has received acclaim for its desirable results on all skin types, with results beginning to show after just 2 sessions. It has won awards for best new combination technology. Mad Peaches’ body contouring specialist offers a complimentary consultation to answer all your questions regarding this revolutionary new technology.

“Cannot say enough about this place! I’ve searched Denver over in the last year trying to find a med spa that reaches my unusually high standards. I’ve found my home. My skin is NIGHT and DAY different since my first visit. The BBL laser has taken my skin from sun spots and large pores to smooth and bright. I don’t even wear foundation as a result.”

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