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Stretch marks are commonly associated with post-pregnancy bodies, but the truth is they affect many people. While keeping your skin well moisturized with a Shea butter or collagen cream can help, there are times where the skin is stretched too much and too quickly and the dermis collapses. Most commonly, stretch marks are found on the stomach, legs, buttocks, shoulders or breasts. The marks can be red or purple in color, appearing as lines on the surface of the skin. At times, your skin may feel tight or itchy.


When the middle layer of the skin – the dermis – breaks down, stretch marks will occur. This can be the result of a pregnancy, a weight gain or loss, and often even weightlifters! The result is a skin that is stretched past its point of elasticity, causing the tissue underneath to tear. While the marks cause no harm, their appearance can cause you to feel self-conscious.

How we treat it

Stretch mark reduction works by using advanced laser skin resurfacing technology, which causes skin to produce new collagen and results in dramatically smoother and more youthful looking skin. The laser is used to create tiny columns in the skin, which heal rapidly to correct imperfections in the damaged dermis. Improvement can be seen after just one treatment, with many clients opting for a series of several treatments to reach their optimal look. There is no downtime with this treatment, and you’ll be feeling sexy in your skin straight away!

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