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Let’s face it. In the past, most of us had too much fun in the sun. Sun damage is often noticeable through freckles, age spots, broken capillaries and an overall uneven skin tone. Sun damage degrades collagen and elastin in the skin, causing undesirable texture and wrinkles. Don’t resign yourself to sun damage! There are ways to treat and even reverse the effects of sun damage. At Mad Peaches, there are multiple ways of approaching sun damage.


Research shows that 80% of all aging is due to sun exposure. And it’s not just about aging.

Here is a list of how sun damage presents, including potentially life-threatening skin cancer:

Skin texture changes, such as coarse wrinkles, especially on the back of the neck, and fine wrinkles caused by thinning of the skin, especially on the forearms and back of hands.

Excessive bruising from minor trauma.

Pigment changes, such as brown spots, freckles, age spots and liver spots.White spots on legs, arms and the back of hands.

Red areas on the sides of the neck.

Moles, some of which can develop into skin cancer.

Pre-cancerous skin changes, including red scaly lesions called actinic keratosis and lesions on the lips called actinic cheilitis, both of which can develop into squamous cell carcinoma.

How we treat it

At Mad Peaches we typically tackle sun damage with Broadband Light Therapy also known as BBL. The BBL laser has multiple wavelengths to address a multitude of issues associated with aging. The hyperpigmentation and freckles are brought to the surface following a BBL treatment, referred to as coffee grounds or micro crust, and generally slough off in approximately a week. Broken capillaries, facial veins, angiomas and redness are addressed as well. The combination of these leads to an evening of complexion in it’s entirety. For collagen, heat is continuously introduced into the skin. This creates a thermal wound which incites a healing response and improvement of the skin’s texture.

Stanford University did research on people who did BBL Forever Young treatments for 10 years, and after a biopsy, they were able to prove that the DNA, (at least half of their DNA) was that of a younger person. BBL’ treatments can help get your skin looking more like it did 20 years earlier. Who doesn’t think that sounds like a great idea?

We suggest that our clients are informed about a proper skin care regimen because your skin needs vitamins just like your body does. A proper at home regimen allows your skin to reach it’s full potential, capture the glow of youth!

“Cannot say enough about this place! I’ve searched Denver over in the last year trying to find a med spa that reaches my unusually high standards. I’ve found my home. My skin is NIGHT and DAY different since my first visit. The BBL laser has taken my skin from sun spots and large pores to smooth and bright. I don’t even wear foundation as a result.”

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